This article is about a/an unnumbered series entry (EX) in the Ultra Series.
Heisei Ultraseven
Number EX
Number of episodes: 16
First episode: Ultraseven Solar Energy Strategy
Last episode: Akashic Record
Intro: Ultraseven no Uta
Original airing: March 21, 1994 - September 25, 2002
Production Order
Ultraseven X

Heisei Ultraseven (平成ウルトラセブン?) is an unnumbered series entry in the Ultra Series. The 1994 editions aired on Nippon Television and while the rest were later released direct-to-video.

The Heisei Ultraseven series follows directly from the final episode of the original series, ignoring the M78 continuity altogether and establishing Ultraseven as the only Ultra being to have arrived in this universe.



Ultraseven UltrasevenMasaki Kazimori

Ultra GarrisonEdit

1994 teamEdit

1998/1999/EVOLUTION teamEdit


NTV SpecialsEdit

  1. Ultraseven Solar Energy Strategy (ウルトラセブン 太陽エネルギー作戦 Urutorasebun Taiyō Enerugī Sakusen?)
  2. Ultraseven The Ground of the Earth Aliens (ウルトラセブン 地球星人の大地 Urutorasebun Chikyū Seijin no Daichi?)

Ultraseven 30th Anniversary Memorial TrilogyEdit

  1. Lost Memory (失われた記憶 Ushinawareta kioku?)
  2. From Earth Forever (地球より永遠に Chikyū yori eien ni?)
  3. Betrayal of the Sun (太陽の背信 Taiyō no haishin?)

The Final ChaptersEdit

  1. Legend and Glory (栄光と伝説 Eikō to densetsu?)
  2. The Large Flying Iron Lump (空飛ぶ大鉄塊 Soratobu daitekkai?)
  3. The Day the Fruit Ripens (果実が熟す日 Kajitsu ga jukusu hi?)
  4. Consequences of a Promise (約束の果て Yakusoku no hate?)
  5. The Imitated Man (模造された男 Mozō sa reta otoko?)
  6. I Am an Earthling (わたしは地球人 Watashi wa chikyūjin?)

Ultraseven 35th Anniversary: EVOLUTIONEdit

  1. Dark Side (ダーク サイド Dāku Saido?)
  2. Perfect World (パーフェクト ワールド Pafekuto Warudo?)
  3. Neverland (ネバランド Nebarando?)
  4. Innocent (イノセント Inosento?)
  5. Akashic Record (アカシックレコード Akashikku Rekodo?)





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