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Ultra Series Title Card - 08 - The Ultraman
The Ultraman
Number 8
Number of episodes: 50
First episode: Birth of a New Hero
Last episode: To the Ultra Star! Conclusion – Victory Toward Peace
Intro: The Ultraman
Original airing: April 4, 1979 - March 26, 1980
Production Order
Ultraman Leo
Ultraman 80

The Ultraman (ザ☆ウルトラマン Za Urutoraman?) is the animated eighth entry of the Ultra Series. Co-produced by Tsuburaya Production and Tokyo Broadcasting System, the series aired on TBS Television affiliates on the Wednesday 7:00 PM time slot from April 4, 1979 to March 26, 1980, lasting a total of 50 episodes.

It aired four years after the end of Ultraman Leo. The show was the first animated incarnation of Tsuburaya's iconic superhero Ultraman, as well as one of the earliest works of anime studio Nippon Sunrise (now known simply as Sunrise), who also worked on their now-iconic mecha series Mobile Suit Gundam during the same year.


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Ultraman Joneus Choichiro Hikari
Elek Elek
Loto Loto
Amia Kyoko

Scientific Defense SquadEdit




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  1. Birth of a New Hero (新しいヒーローの誕生 Atarashī hīrō no tanjō?)
  2. The Secret of The Shining Pendant (シャイニングペンダントの秘密 Shainingupendanto no himitsu?)
  3. When the Weed Whistle Blows in the Evening (雑草ホイッスルは夕方に吹くとき Zassō hoissuru wa yūgata ni fuku toki?)
  4. Chase of the Mysterious Red Cloud (謎のレッドクラウドのチェイス Nazo no reddokuraudo no cheisu?)
  5. The Passenger! Break through the Underground (旅客!地下を突破 Ryokaku! Chika o toppa?)
  6. Challenge to the Burning Deep Sea (バーニング深海への挑戦 Bāningu shinkai e no chōsen?)
  7. The Secret of Team Member Hikari Is Stolen!? (チームメンバーひかりの秘密が盗まれました! Chīmumenbā Hikari no himitsu ga nusuma remashita!?)
  8. Terror of the Awakened Ancient Creature (目覚め古代クリーチャーの恐怖 Mezame kodai kurīchā no kyōfu?)
  9. The Challenge of The Science Garrison (科学ギャリソンの挑戦 Kagaku gyarison no chōsen?)
  10. You Are Ultraman (あなたはウルトラマンです Anata wa Urutoramandesu?)
  11. The Living Phantom Bird (リビングファントム鳥 Ribingufantomu tori?)
  12. The Mysterious Monster Island (謎のモンスターアイランド Nazo no monsutāairando?)
  13. This is The Ultra Star, Part 1 (これは、ウルトラスター、パート1であります Kore wa, urutorasutā, pāto 1dearimasu?)
  14. This is The Ultra Star, Part 2 (これは、ウルトラスター、パート2です Kore wa, urutorasutā, pāto 2desu?)
  15. This is The Ultra Star, Part 3 (これは、ウルトラスター、パート3であります Kore wa, urutorasutā, pāto 3dearimasu?)
  16. The Female Ultra Warrior (女性ウルトラ戦士 Josei urutora senshi?)
  17. The Stolen Monster Asylum Planet, Part 1 (盗まれたモンスターアサイラムプラネット、パート1 Nusuma reta monsutāasairamupuranetto, pāto 1?)
  18. The Stolen Monster Asylum Planet, Part 2 (盗まれたモンスターアサイラムプラネット、パート2 Nusuma reta monsutāasairamupuranetto, pāto 2?)
  19. The Targeted Giant Warship Ultria (ターゲット巨大戦艦Ultria Tāgetto kyodai senkan Ultria?)
  20. The Boy Who Brought A Monster (モンスターをもたらした少年 Monsutā o motarashita shōnen?)
  21. Clash! Ultraman vs. Ultraman (激突!ウルトラマン対ウルトラマン Gekitotsu! Urutoraman tai Urutoraman?)
  22. Monkey Became a Monster!? (モンキーは、モンスターになりました! Monkī wa, monsutā ni narimashita!?)
  23. The Ultria Broke in Half!? (Ultriaを半分にブローク! Ultria o hanbun ni burōku!?)
  24. To the Ultra Star! Conclusion – Victory Toward Peace (ウルトラスターに!結論 - 平和に向けての勝利 Urutorasutā ni! Ketsuron - heiwa ni mukete no shōri?)



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English versionsEdit

In the United States, there have been two feature-length movie compilations:

  • The Adventures of Ultraman (1981), a featured-length movie produced by Tsuburaya Productions specifically for the English-language market. The movie is composed of edited footage from several episodes of the series. The storyline was rewritten for this adaptation with a new script by Jeff Segal and music composed by Mark McKinniss.
  • Ultraman II: The Further Adventures of Ultraman (1983), a dub of the first four episodes co-produced by Tsuburaya Productions and Associates Entertainment International. Despite the title, it has no continuity with the previous English dub of the series. Although the translation is closer to the original Japanese scripts than the first movie, the characters' names were still changed (although, the names given to the characters are not the same ones used in the previous dub). The order of the third and fourth episodes were also switched.


  • The Ultraman is notable for being one of the projects of anime studio Sunrise during its early years of operation. The anime premiered around the same time as another more famous property owned by the company: Mobile Suit Gundam.

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