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Ultra Q: Dark Fantasy
Number 17
Number of episodes: 26
First episode: Dancing Garagon
Last episode: The Door To The Nothingness
Original airing: April 7, 2004 - September 29, 2004
Production Order
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Ultraman Nexus

Ultra Q: Dark Fantasy (ウルトラQ dark fantasy Urutora Kyū: dāku fantajī?) is the seventeenth entry of the Ultra Series that was broadcast in Japan in 2004. It is a remake of Ultra Q, the first of the Ultra Series.

It retains the same swirling effect for the title card, but with the words "Dark Fantasy" added underneath, the title also remains black and white. The final episode confirmed this is not a sequel, rather another timeline in which the original series is portrayed as a television show.





  1. Dancing Garagon (ダンシング Garagon danshingu?)
  2. Graffiti (落書き Rakugaki?)
  3. Who Are You (あなたは誰 Anatahadare?)
  4. The Puzzle Woman (パズル女 Pazuru on'na?)
  5. The Slave Of Hieronymus (ヒエロニムスのスレーブ Hieronimusu no surēbu?)
  6. Bound For Paradise (パラダイス行き Paradaisu iki?)
  7. Kiara (キアラ Kiara?)
  8. Unitoroda’s Repayment (の返済 Unitoroda no hensai?)
  9. Temptation At 2 AM (午前2時に誘惑 Gozen 2-ji ni yūwaku?)
  10. Ceremonial Bonfire (送り火 Okuribi?)
  11. The Eyes Of The Totem (トーテムアイズ Tōtemuaizu?)
  12. The Dream Stone (ドリームストーン Dorīmusutōn?)
  13. The Invader Of Shadows (シャドウのインベーダー Shadō no inbēdā?)
  14. Lily And Lili (リリーとリリー Rirī to rirī?)
  15. The Shining Ship (シャイニング船 Shainingu-sen?)
  16. Gara Q’s Revenge (ガラQの復讐 Gara Q no fukushū?)
  17. The Town Beauty (タウンビューティー Taunbyūtī?)
  18. The Front Of The Behind (後ろのフロント Ushiro no furonto?)
  19. Love Through A Lens (レンズを通して愛 Renzu o tōshite ai?)
  20. The Quiet End (静か終了 Shizuka shūryō?)
  21. The Night Fog, This Evening… (夜霧、この夜... Yogiri, kono yoru...?)
  22. Kanegoneh’s Shining Road (のシャイニングロード Kanegoneh no shainingurōdo?)
  23. Alice In The 365 Degree World (365度の世界でアリス 365-Do no sekai de Arisu?)
  24. Hitogata ( Hitogata?)
  25. Darkness ( Yami?)
  26. The Door To The Nothingness (虚無への扉 Kyomu e no tobira?)


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