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Ultraman: The Adventure Begins
A movie for Ultra Series
Ultraman USA poster
Release date October 12, 1987
Written by John Eric Seward
Directed by Mitsuo Kusakabe
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Ultraman: The Adventure Begins is a 1987 American-Japanese animated film joint produced by Hanna-Barbera and Tsuburaya Productions. The film was titled Ultraman USA (ウルトラマンUSA Urutoraman Yū Esu Ē?) for its Japanese release in 1989.

It was intended as a pilot for an animated series, but no such series ever emerged. However, the costumes based on the three main heroes (the Ultra Force) were made for use in stage shows in Japan.


The Sorkin monsters threat the peace of the galaxy. Three pilots, Scott, Beth and Chuck become hosts of three Ultras from Altara and stand up against them to defeat them.


A stunt pilot trio called the "Flying Angels" (Scott Masterson, Chuck Gavin, and Beth O'Brian), are caught in a bizarre flash of light and crash, only to emerge unharmed. They are later informed by an agent of an interstellar peace-keeping agency (whose secret identity is the groundskeeper at a Pebble Beach golf course) that they have become the host bodies of warriors from the planet Altara in M78 to capture escaped monsters from the planet Sorkin who have arrived on Earth.

They become the Ultra Force, headquartered within Mount Rushmore, and are assisted by a trio of robots, (the pint-sized Andy, the strong Samson, and the twitchy Ulysses). Although equipped with futuristic fighter crafts, inevitably one or more of the team is required to transform into an Ultraman, a gigantic red and silver superhuman being, to battle the monsters. After destroying the most powerful Sorkin monster, the constantly growing King Myra, the Ultra Force remains together to combat further threats to planet Earth.



Ultraman Scott Scott Masterson
Ultraman Chuck Chuck Gavin
Ultrawoman Beth Beth O'Brian







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