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Ginga S title card
Ultraman Ginga S
Number 27
Number of episodes: 16
First episode: Power to Open Up
Last episode: Battle for Tomorrow
Intro: Eiyu no Uta
Original airing: July 15, 2014 - December 23, 2014
Production Order
Ultraman Ginga
Ultraman X

Ultraman Ginga S (ウルトラマンギンガS Urutoraman Ginga Esu?) is the twenty-seventh entry of the Ultra Series, produced by Tsuburaya Productions which is the sequel to Ultraman Ginga, as well as part of the Shin Ultraman Retsuden programming block on TV Tokyo.


After two years Ultraman Ginga left Earth, Hikaru returns to Japan once again after gaining a strange vision during his adventure in Mexico. Once he's arrived, he discovered a new threat in the form of Alien Chibull Exceller, an alien whom steals Victoriums (ビクトリウム Bikutoriumu?), Android Zero One, his android enforcer and his alien minions. Alarmed by the theft of Victoriums, the Victorian (ビクトリアン Bikutorian?), a group of ancient civilians that live underground sent Shou to retrieve it and bestow him an ancient relic, the Victory Lancer (ビクトリーランサー Bikutorī Ransā?) that transforms him into their protector, Ultraman Victory (ウルトラマンビクトリー Urutorman Bikutorī?).

Hikaru was dragged into the battle again after recruited into UPG (Ultra Party Guardians), an attack team formed by the International Defense Forces after various paranormal sightings. He reunites with Ultraman Ginga and join forces with Shou to take down Exceller and his minions. Ultraman Taro returns as well, having sensed the new threat and supports Ginga through the Strium Brace (ストリウムブレス Sutoriumu Buresu?), which allows him to become Ultraman Ginga Strium (ウルトラマンギンガストリウム Urutoraman Ginga Sutoriumu?) with the power of Ultra 6 Brothers.

As the series progress, it was revealed that Exceller's true agenda is to revive Dark Lugiel from the moon, desiring his body in order to take over the galaxy. He was revived once again as Victor Lugiel after fusing himself with the UPG's Victorium Cannon, their ultimate weapon but halfway through the invasion, the real Dark Lugiel reveals himself, kills Exceller and contemplates to restart his plan to freeze all lifeforms. He was defeated once again by Ultraman Ginga and Ultraman Victory, after Exceller's former android One-Zero sabotages Victor Lugiel's inner system at the cost of her own.



Ultraman Ginga Hikaru Raido
Ultraman Victory Shou



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Ultraman Taro Kotaro Higashi





  1. Power to Open Up (切り拓く力 Kirihiraku Chikara?)
  2. Ginga vs. Victory (ギンガ対ビクトリー Ginga Tai Bikutorī?)
  3. Lone Warrior (孤高の戦士 Kokō no Senshi?)
  4. The Meaning of Strength (強さの意味 Tsuyosa no Imi?)
  5. Friend and Devil (仲間と悪魔 Nakama to Akuma?)
  6. Forgotten Past (忘れ去られた過去 Wasuresarareta Kako?)
  7. Activate! Magnewave Operation (発動! マグネウェーブ作戦 Hatsudō! Magunewēbu Sakusen?)
  8. Desperate Battle for Sunrise (朝焼けの死闘 Asayake no Shitō?)
  9. Life to Regain (取り戻す命 Torimodosu Inochi?)
  10. Holy Sword of the Future (未来への聖剣 Mirai e no Seiken?)
  11. Gan-Q's Tears (ガンQの涙 Gankyū no Namida?)
  12. To Meet You (君に会うために Kimi ni Au Tame ni?)
  13. Split! UPG (分裂! UPG Bunretsu! Yū Pī Jī?)
  14. Resurrection of Lugiel (復活のルギエル Fukkatsu no Rugieru?)
  15. Adventure Called Life (命という名の冒険 Inochi to Iu Na no Bōken?)
  16. Battle for Tomorrow (明日を懸けた戦い Asu o Kaketa Tatakai?)



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