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Ultraman Joneus
Human Host/Form: Choichiro Hikari
Gender: Male
Series: The Ultraman
Height: 120 m
Weight: 50,000 tons
Homeworld: Planet U40
First Appearance: Birth of a New Hero
Last Appearance: Ultraman Zoffy: Ultra Warriors vs. the Giant Monster Army
Number of Episode
50 (Joneus)
1 (Movies)
Actor(s): Masato Ibu
Ultraman Joneus

Ultraman Joneus (ウルトラマンジョーニアス Urutoraman Jōniasu?), also known as Ultraman Joe, and Ultraman J, is the main Ultra featured in The Ultraman anime series. Unlike the majority of other Showa Ultras, he hails from Planet U40. His human host is Choichiro Hikari.


The UltramanEdit

A being from the planet U40, Joneus was the strongest of the Great Eight, Eight of the strongest warriors of the Planet. During the war with the Hellar Fleet, the former Ultras targeted the Earth hoping to divide the Ultra forces. Ultraman Joneus was sent to protect the Earth from danger.

On the way he merged with the human Choichiro Hikari. Since then Joneus only appeared in Ultra Form when Hikari wielded his Beam Flasher. During the conflict against the Hellar Fleet Joneus, and therefore Hikari, fell in battle.

Hikari was taken back to U40 by another Giant Ultra where the pair were revived and Hikari met his younger sister Amia. Eventually the pair met up with the Scientific Guard and the group assisted the Ultras in battling the Hellar Fleet. Eventually Hellar was defeated and Hikari and Joneus returned to Earth to continue protecting it, being assisted occasionally by Amia.

Ultraman Joneus was successful in protecting Earth from various monsters and aliens. After man long battles Joneus eventually separated from his host allowing Hikari to meet him in human form before he returned home.

Ultra Warriors vs. the Giant Monster ArmyEdit

Ultraman joneus 1984 01

Joneus as seen in the movie.

His first live apperance is in the film when Father of Ultra is at the Land of Light, Joneus is standing far from him. Ultraman Zoffy: The Ultra Warriors vs. the Giant Monster Army

Ultraman JoneusEdit

Ultraman Joneus

Ultraman Joneus


Behind the scenesEdit


Ultraman Joneus is voiced by Masato Ibu (伊武 雅刀 Ibu Masatō?). His suit actors are unknown.


  • All of the Ultras with a time limit on Earth like planets, Joneus and his people have the longest time limit at four minutes.
  • The red and white Ultra was originally known simply as Ultraman to the humans but it was later learned that Joneus was his real name around episode 20.
  • He is alternately known as Ultraman Joeneus or Jonias.
  • Ultraman Joneus' was the first anime Ultraman show in the entire series.
  • Despite being introduced around the same time as Ultraman 80, Joneus is not considered a 'Brother', as he isn't even from the same continuity as other Ultramen.

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